grinding flour

Old stuff done a new way. Our first lesson: Grinding wheat with an electric mill. Grandma would have loved one of these babies:

Grandma used a contraption that rubbed two flat millstones together. And it’s true, we should learn how to grind wheat without electricity, just in case. But that’s another day.

So here we go. This is how we grind the wheat, said the little red hen. Not every electric mill is just like this, but most have certain things in common. First you assemble it. This plastic cup snaps on to the base. The mill will grind without it, but it helps keep the flour from blowing everywhere. The Damsel really hates that.

Assemble the mill, and now we’ll put in the grain. Here the Damsel is using Hard White Winter Wheat. Types of wheat is a whole ‘nother can of weevils. We’ll talk about that later. Much later.

The Damsel loves sticking her fingers in the grain. Well, it’s better than sticking her fingers in the light socket.

Fill the hopper with grain and turn it on. Why is it called a hopper? No idea. It has nothing to do with hopping. The Damsel fills the hopper three times when she makes whole wheat bread. The mill pan can hold that much without dumping it, and it’s just about the right amount of flour for a batch of five loaves.

Now the Damsel presses her hands over her ears because it sounds like an airplane is taking off in her kitchen. Thankfully it doesn’t take long.

Take the thing apart again. The flour in that plastic cup is perfectly good to use…it’s best to take it off each time and dump the flour out.

The flour is nice and warm right now, so if you make bread with it immediately, it will raise faster. And someone told the Damsel that fresh ground flour has more B vitamins. (Freezing the flour at this point will retain the vitamins for later, if you’re not in the mood to bake bread Just This Minute.)

So there you have it. That took about ten minutes, and although the Damsel is now deaf she likes how quickly Grain becomes Flour.

Any questions for the teacher?

4 thoughts on “grinding flour

  1. No questions, just a comment. :^) I LOVE that you love to feel the grain. That was my favorite part when Mom would grind wheat to make bread! I still run my hands through it.

    Oh, and I remember always taking it out on the back porch or something since it kept the kitchen a little cleaner as well as didn’t make it sound like an airplane was taking off in our house. Just made it fun for all the neighbors to enjoy. :^)

  2. I am loving this. I just don’t have a mill. I don’t even know if I have wheat. We used to. Do I know how to make bread.? I can make tamales from scratch! And that was something my gramma did. My mom wishes she had paid more attention to her mothers’ cooking.

  3. I have this exact mill, and it’s wonderful! I grind several cups of flour and keep it in an old ice cream bucket in the freezer, then I always have WW flour on hand for muffins, pancakes and bread.

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