old meets new–scarecrows

In the olden days, people made scarecrows to protect their crops from birds. The Damsel thinks that sounds sort of charming but a whole lot of work.

This is what the Damsel’s Knight in Shining Armor put in their garden to scare away the birds: It’s hard to see, but yes, those are old CD’s a-twistin’ in the wind. This is a row of corn–an all time bird favorite.

IMG_2768The Damsel suspects that olden days birds were smarter and required an actual person-shaped scarecrow. She feels lucky that only dumb birds come to peck up the corn from her garden. They are pretty scared of shiny CD’s.

Silly birds! There’s not even any usable data on those CD’s! Ha ha!

Here’s another configuration the Knight used, between two pumpkin plants, where there wasn’t a long row.



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