today in the salsa garden

The Damsel has a fun post in the works, but because it needs to ripen overnight, she’ll take you on a little tour of her garden instead.

But get ready because tomorrow…yeah, tomorrow.

It’s been a bit nuts around the cottage, because #4’s doing this:

IMG_3078Whew! Now. Then. The salsa garden has everything the Damsel needs for her homemade salsa, except garlic. She was too tired to grow garlic this year. See above picture.

IMG_3118First, these babies. Roma tomatoes. The Damsel was raised on a tomato farm, so when she sees these plants she gets both a shiver of anticipation of the yum, and a strange desire to run far, far away.

IMG_3119These little darlings will hopefully get a lot bigger by salsa-making time. The Damsel thinned them today–they’re just right to be used as green onions, and she needed some today to make baked chimichangas from


Three kinds of peppers: green bell, yellow banana, and jalapeno.

IMG_3128and cilantro. Life wouldn’t be worth living without cilantro.

5 thoughts on “today in the salsa garden

  1. What have you tried with the deer? The soap hanging from the trees and stuff?

    I wonder about mint…hmmm…

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