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Today the Damsel is participating in a “blog hop” in which she is asked to introduce herself and her blog:

Welcome to Old School!
The Damsel in Dis Dress is your teacher for today. Her qualifications are that she is “old.” Old School is where you get to learn about some old skills and other thingies that Grandma used to know like the back of her age-spotted hand.
Why would you want to learn old stuff? Two reasons. 1. Last time the Damsel checked, the economy was still tanking. Some things you’ll learn in Old School will help save money. 2. Other things will help you be more self-reliant. You’ll learn how to do things that Grandma used to do all the time, but people have forgotten. But why, Damsel? Why? Because the day may come that we’ll need those skills, and it’s part of being prepared. Plus, the Damsel thinks it’s nice to keep those skills from being lost.

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