buttermilk pancakes

Some things are better the newfangled way. For example, flush toilets.

But some things are better the old-fashioned way. The Damsel is here to tell you that after using up many a Costco bag of Krusteaz pancake mix, she has seen the light.

Don’t misunderstand. The pancake mix-type pancake is not “awful.” Those pancakes are completely edible. And if the Damsel had never tried this particular recipe for old school pancakes, she might have lived years in oblivious happiness, never knowing what she could have had.

But. After making old school buttermilk here, she thought she might like to use some of it up. She’d heard her sister bragging about her buttermilk pancakes, so the Damsel wrested the recipe from her. All for you, dear readers.

Measure 2 1/2 cups of buttermilk into a mixing bowl. Yes, it’s supposed to be thick and gloppy. Now’s a good time to refill the container with fresh milk and put it on the countertop for a day, so you have buttermilk ready for next time.

Add two eggs. Don’t worry. It’ll all be over soon.

1/4 cup oil next, and then mix well. Get your stirring yearnings satisfied now, because this is your only chance. You’ll see why.

Sift the dry ingredients (2 cups flour, 2 tsp. baking powder, 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. soda)  into another bowl. Okay, look. The Damsel doesn’t want to hear it. Just do it. She used to be the Anti-Sifter herself, and she understands when you say you don’t want all that fuss. But just this once, do it.

You’ll see an exceedingly light, fluffy cloud of dry ingredients. It’s a beautiful thing.

Pour this slowly into the milk-egg-oil mixture and GENTLY incorporate it, without beating or whacking or stirring excessively. The Damsel would prefer if you wouldn’t even raise your voice. Stop stirring when the dry stuff is barely mixed in. You’ll have to force yourself to stop, but please. Yes, it’s lumpy and quite thick.

Here’s the tricky part. Sometimes when the Damsel has made this, it’s turned out Too Thick. Too Thick is when the mixture has 0% Pourability. She has folded in a little more buttermilk from time to time. You’ll have to use your best judgement, and yes,  the Damsel understands if you feel nervous. It’s okay. Go for Slightly Pourable, and remember, next time will be perfect.

The Damsel cooks hers on a ridiculously big electric griddle. Please recall she has seven sprogs. She sets it on 350 degrees. If you use a stovetop pan, it needs to be on the hot side. Butter the pan if you don’t have a nonstick, and please correct that shortfall at the soonest convenience.

In the above picture, the batter was Quite Thick, thick enough that she spread the glob out a bit with the whisk. Your mileage may vary.

Now, there should be a picture of the ridiculously light and tender pancakes, dripping with butter and syrup. But the sprogs were standing in the kitchen, holding their plates out in a hopeful way as each pancake came off the griddle, and the picture didn’t happen.

Make these, and you’ll see.

14 thoughts on “buttermilk pancakes

  1. I am Anti-Sifter. That won’t change. I have fought this impulse in the past when making a particularly fabulous cake (and I wanted to ensure the “fabulous” part). But for pancakes? I’m not sure.

    • They’ll probably turn out ALMOST as good, as long as you lightly fold in the dry ingredients. But you musn’t hold the Damsel responsible if the pancakes are merely good instead of ridiculously good.

      • Have you had them both ways and can attest to the superiority of the sifted vs. unsifted?

        Also, on a completely unrelated note, have you ever made chocolate pudding from scratch? I’d like to learn how to do that, and thought I’d throw it out there as a suggestion for a future post.

    • I have tried it without sifting. Trust the Damsel! LOL…

      Pudding is a great idea! I’ll use that for sure. I love scratch-pudding.

  2. mmmmmm… I think I need to go make breakfast for dinner!

    Oh yeah, add a handful of chocolate chips for an entirely decedent treat. And a banana…

  3. I just had a length conversation with my dad yesterday about this very topic. He had gotten his father’s day present (a subscription to Cooks Illustrated) and made buttermilk pancakes. They recommended not using King Arthur flour because it has more protein in it than other types of unbleached flour and therefore requires more buttermilk. Who knew?

    • That is interesting. I had heard that King Arthur flour had more protein, but I hadn’t thought how it might affect a recipe like this. Thanks!

  4. mmmmm…. I love, LOVE, LOVE buttermilk pancakes. I was introduced to these while in high school and went through a stage where every afternoon I would come home and eat about three or four with freshly whipped cream and raspberry jam (I know, Australian’s are weird). It was NOT good for an adolescent obsessed with her weight.

    But soooo good for my tastebuds. I may have to take a walk down memory lane and indulge myself again.

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