making self-rising flour

This morning, when the Damsel logged onto one of her favorite websites and saw a recipe for this, she got excited because her garden overfloweth with raspberries.

But when she saw the ingredient list included self-rising flour, the raspberry cobbler train came to a screeching halt. The Damsel didn’t have any, and felt grumpy about buying a special, expensive flour. Normally she buys flour when it’s on sale, hundreds of pounds at a time, so she lost her enthusiasm for this recipe.

Then she found out what self-rising flour is. It’s nothing more than regular “all-purpose” flour, with a little baking powder and salt added. If that’s all it is, then Recipe Saved.

Measure 2 cups all-purpose flour into a sifter. **SIFTER ALERT** Yes, a sifter. The Damsel has used a sifter more this week than she has her whole life. It’s okay. It will only hurt for a minute.

Add one tablespoon baking powder. Behold the glory of the world’s biggest baking powder canister, residing in the Damsel’s kitchen.

One teaspoon regular, ordinary, everyday salt.

Sift into a container. That’s it. You COULD conceivably stir this well enough to avoid the evil sifter, since the lightness of the product is not an issue here. It’s just a matter of making sure it is well-mixed. Do as you see fit. The Damsel will keep her comments to herself.

If you want to keep this for later, just keep it tightly covered and cool, like you would for baking powder. This recipe just by chance happens to be the exact amount necessary to make the afore-mentioned raspberry cobblers, so the Damsel won’t be saving it for later. Nope.

4 thoughts on “making self-rising flour

  1. I thought the exact same thing when I saw that on Pioneer Woman today–and I knew I’d have to find a recipe for self-rising flour, because how could I not make those cute little cobblers? Anyway, now I don’t have to go searching. Thanks. 🙂

  2. By the way, I tried making those, and well, they were tasty but they didn’t come out of the muffin tins well at all…and, I have some really nice commercial nonstick muffin tins that supposedly NOTHING sticks to. And I sprayed them. So you know how in PW’s post it shows that a LITTLE bit stuck to the pans? Ha! Plus, the 1/4 cup she says she put in each cup? That turns out to be too much for my muffin tins, so the moral of the story is, fill the muffin cups 1/2 full and no more, no matter how tempting it is to put more.

  3. Thanks!
    I wanted to make those too, and I’m so glad your site came up when I googled for self rising flour.
    Thanks for the tip about sticking and not filling too full.

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