wiggily carrot? there’s still hope

Sometimes tragedy occurs and vegetables lose their crispness.

This carrot was pulled rudely from the ground and left on a hot patio, and well, it’s not what it once was. A bit droopy. Carrots will do that, especially if they still have their green tops. The Damsel believes it has something to do with the tops pulling the moisture out of the carrot root.

It’s hard to love a wiggily carrot. You can’t really peel them. Eating them is a sad proposition. But is there hope?

Put the topless carrot in a glass of ice water. Leave it for a few hours, maybe a day.

After the carrot is all nicely rehydrated, it’s just like new. Now you can peel it and eat it in whatever way seems best. The carrot lives again!


5 thoughts on “wiggily carrot? there’s still hope

  1. Huh… who would have thought! Do you suppose I could do that with old celery, too? Every time I buy celery it is limp within a couple of days. Frustrating.

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