homemade carpet spotter

Here’s a recipe making your own spot cleaner for your carpet. Goodness, it’s cheap. Grandma would approve.

Put 3 cups (or thereabouts) of warm water into a container. The Damsel has a lot of quart jars hanging around, so she reached for one of those.


Add 1/2 cup plain white vinegar. The thought behind the “plain white” is that dark vinegar might make a spot of its own.


Now add 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Careful! A certain unnamed person dumped this in all at once, completely forgetting anything about science fair volcanos. That certain person watched in amazement as half her solution bubbled up and over the sides of her jar. Ha ha! That person is silly.

Stir. Yes, it will bubble and foam and so on, giving us all hope that there is something magic going on, because that’s what carpet spots need.


Now the Damsel fearlessly takes you to her living room, where a few mysterious spots have appeared. Grandma would not approve. The Damsel has learned not to ask why or how the spots came to be, because life is already full of enough futility.


Scrub the offending spot with a cloth or scrub brush. Let it dry, then vacuum.

Now the Damsel can hold her head high again.

P.S. the green bracelet seen on the Damsel’s wrist is in honor of the Damsel’s brother in law, who is fighting cancer with a lot of strength and style. Ben’s a frequent reader of the Old School, and if you felt like giving him a shoutout in the comments, it’d bring a grin to that big ole currently-bald face of his.

11 thoughts on “homemade carpet spotter

  1. Okay…I had to share…if you have acrylic paint spill on your carpet…Vodka gets it out. I had it happen and that is why I know. You have to act before the paint dries.

  2. Hey Ben!!! Remember me, Jenni-Hope? Thanks so much for being whiney over that shot that kicked your bone marrows butt! The Damsel thought she was a wimp, but she’s not, she’s amazing! I “hope” you are doing ok and not causing too much trouble! ;-D

  3. Hola from Spain, Ben! We’re keeping track and praying for you from clear across the world! Hang in and hang on! We totally understand.

  4. Oh, I have to try this….if it works, I will be forever grateful.

    I am sending a big shout out, and a “hang in there” to Ben.

  5. I love your blog. I love your Damsel speak. And I love that you, via strangers, send love to your brother in law.

    I just watched the sun rise. Beautiful. I am glad that you both are able to experience the same scene and joy. Life is wonderful. Hang in there. I pray that you have a long and happy life.

  6. Best of luck in battling the cancer adversary, Ben. On a happy note, I’ve heard that the “growing out” stage of the hair loss is very cool because it feels good to rub your hands over.

    Hey, you gotta take what you can get in this ol’ life!

    Great site, Damsel. Like your style šŸ˜‰

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